The Onion Networker #4

Looking for a job or a better one?  Networking can seem confusing.  Here are tips 7 and 8.

Many studies have reported that a majority of jobs are never posted and also that networking is they way the majority of jobs are found.  You should pay attention to networking.  It will become more and more critical as the speed of change increases.

The onion networker tip #7  If part of your networking goal is to upgrade your current position or find one, help others.  Be a pay-it-forward networker.  Provide leads and assistance to others it the same situation.  It will surprise you the help others will lend you in return.

The onion networker tip #8  Network everywhere.  Don’t work at it, but just be aware that each encounter could be a potential friend and connection for mutual gain.  Some will, some won’t.

Below are two networkers that have changed my networking life.  Both are open networkers, so feel free to send them a Linkedin invitation.  Be sure to tell them where you got their name: we all love to know where connections come from.

Carol Deckert

Flyn Penoyer

Jim Sutton

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