The Future of Learning is…Different

Should we be researching the answers to the same questions today as we did 5 years ago?

Yes we need research, but do we need to do the same kind in the same way at the same place?  I ran across the following article on the Chief Learning Officer web-site wanted to share it.  To read the article, click the title below.

In a World of Change, Learn to Stand Out

The question that stood out most for me was: “…how can you distinguish between an innovation-cramping habit and a time-tested policy that works?”   As soon as you answer this question, everything else is easy.

Another idea I like is: “For now, though, we need to remind ourselves that it’s impossible to build adaptable organizations without adaptable people — individuals who are humble, honest and inspired. ”

The article was Excerpted with permission of the publisher from What Matters Now: How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition, and Unstoppable Innovation by Gary Hamel.

Another article worth sharing was written by one of my students at Thomas Edison State College.  The title is Why a training budget is important—even in a tough economy and you can read the article at the address below.

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One thought on “The Future of Learning is…Different

  1. Thanks for the links, Jim. I’m a recovering corporate educator. My old job sometimes felt on-the-cutting-edge of educational trends and other times hopelessly stifled by a corporate culture that didn’t value learning.

    Do you think people are becoming more adaptable? Or are they just finding new patterns to which they will conform for the foreseeable future?

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