Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise

Great Talk by Tony O’Driscoll.  The Internet is 19 Years Old!?  Now What? 







Who:  Tony O’Driscoll

What: Tony Gave a keynote speech at the 8th ANNUAL INNOVATIONS IN e-LEARNING SYMPOSIUM titled “Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise.”

When: June 5,6,7 of 2012

Tony’s Blog:     Tony O’Driscoll’s Blog:

Http://wadatripp.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/innovations-in-e-learning-keynote-slides/  There is a link in the blog to “Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise.”   The slides are also on the website and worth viewing.

My thoughts:

In ONE GENERATION the internet was invented and became a tool we use every hour.   This massive change demands new thinking: as differently as we did before and after the printing press or the steam engine.

As parents, we need to consider how to coach our children.  My parents could not coach me effectively on the world I live in because the internet did not exist yet.  If change continues at the same rate (all indications are it is speeding up), then I am as blind as my parents were about the future.  How do you coach your children on a future you cannot see?

I believe this requires a totally different mindset from the parents of previous generations.   We should not assume that what  worked for us will work for them.

As parents I think a reasonable approach is to:

  • Teach 80% strategy and 20% tactics.  Tactics are  tool-dependent many times and the tools are changing every year.
  • Embrace change so our children learn to embrace it too.    If your children embrace change better than you do (mine do) that is not surprising because they grew up in it: embrace them and learn from them.
  • Coach your children on building relationships.   Companies, organizations, friends and family will continue to be people and we need each other.


Some thoughts I liked from the full talk:

Learning and Change are different sides of the same coin.  Change management is learning management.

Tony points out just how fast the rate of change is.  Consider how much the internet has changed our lives in just 19 years.  What will the next 19 look like?

We are so used to using the internet that it becomes like air: unnoticed until we cannot get it.  What does the typical office look like when the internet goes down?  This is a great example of how much we are immersed in the internet.

Information: you can give it up (share it) without giving it away.  There is vast abundance here.  We need more knowledge accidents that create insight.  Many times in the past money was made by hording information, but today there are so many ways to get the information and things change so quickly that this is a weak strategy today.

Money: when you give it away, you don’t have it any more.  Information is fundamentally different.

Move from

  • classroom time to real time
  • teacher-centered to learner-centered
  • all move together to everyone moves at the pace they choose
  • one size fits all to custom sizing of learning
  • topic to task
  • lesson plan to learning challenge
  • learning then doing to doing then learning
  • course content to situational  context
  • control to create
  • teaching push to learning pull
  • authority (sage on a stage) to autonomy
  • from physical classroom to whatever works best
  • closed access to open source



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