The Onion Networker #3

Build relationships.  Are you willing to help someone over and over again and get nothing in return… not even a thank you?  You build relationships with the exchange of helpful information information and/or sincere appreciation.  Some people will be satisfied to help you and get pleasure from your saying thank you.  Others, may want or need more.

The onion networker tip #5  Have the courage to reach out to connections and ask them questions about the company they work for or previous employers.  Ask about the culture and for information that you could not easily lookup yourself.  You want to appear sharp and motivated not lazy.


The onion networker tip #6  When you ask others for help or information, try to find an article or piece of information that may be new to them.  In a world with piles of information all over, we all come across information that others likely have not seen.

Below are two networkers that have changed my networking life.  Both are open networkers, so feel free to send them a Linkedin invitation.  Be sure to tell them where you got their name: we all love to know where connections come from.

Carol Deckert

Flyn Penoyer

Jim Sutton

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