The Onion Networker #2


Follow-up brightens the future.  Don’t raise your hand, but how many of you have lost the contact information of someone you met and now want to contact?    Schedule 15-30 minutes after a networking event or other event where you are meeting people you want to stay connected with.  Use that time to document their information in whatever format works for you.   Sending a linkedin invitation to them is a good way to keep from losing key contact information.

The onion networker tip #3:  Prompt follow-up is critical. Take the time right after the event to connect on Linkedin while still have the business card handy.

The onion networker tip #4:  When sending a Linkedin connection invitation to a connection you just met, replace the default message with a personal message.  Be sure to mention when and where you met them to refresh their memory.

What is an Onion Networker?  To find out what an onion networker is, listen to The Freelance Life: Interview with Jim Sutton on Networking (Click Here) The explanation starts at the 6:30 minute  point in the interview and lasts about 2 minutes.

Below are two networkers that have changed my networking life.  Both are open networkers, so feel free to send them a Linkedin invitation.  Be sure to tell them where you got their name: we all love to know where connections come from.

Carol Deckert

Flyn Penoyer

Jim Sutton

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