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Green hat: creativity.

·         Green Hat:
The Green Hat stands for creativity. This is where you can develop creative solutions to a problem. It is a freewheeling way of thinking, in which there is little criticism of ideas. A whole range of creativity tools can help you here.

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Creativity.  The above picture is sometimes how life seems… it just sort of happens and you get what you get.  The trick is getting into the process and directing what you can direct.  That said, how creativity can be applied to weight management does not jump out at me.

Most of weight management is change management.   For me, sometimes I change and then life happens and i revert back to the old deep habit pattern.  The goal is to weigh less than 190# for the rest of my life.  How can I use creativity to help achieve that goal?

I could paint the goal on my car windshield to remind me of it.

I could hire a blimp and put it on the side.

The water people in the picture are held on course by the wall buildings.  What are my walls to keep me on track?

We become what we think about.  How can I think about being fit more often?  I could hire someone to wear a tee shirt with “<190 forever” on it and follow me around all day.

I could hire my daughter to write a song about it.

Update.  The average of the 7 weights this week was 207.1  Effectively I have stayed in the 205 to 208 range for the last 10 weeks.  While that is not bad it is down 22 pounds from my peak weight and is relatively stable without me doing anything I could not keep up for 89 more years it is not going down.  So I need to do something different.

One thing I need to be more aware of is portion control.  I ate a quart of ice cream because that it the container it came in.  I should have taken part in a bowl and saved the rest for later.  Two things to work on this week.  Thinking about the successful goal more and portion control.

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