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When using black hat thinking, look at things pessimistically: It may not all work out just fine… check the facts again.

  • Black Hat:
    When using black hat thinking, look at things pessimistically, cautiously and defensively. Try to see why ideas and approaches might not work. This is important because it highlights the weak points in a plan or course of action. It allows you to eliminate them, alter your approach, or prepare contingency plans to counter problems that arise.

Black Hat thinking helps to make your plans tougher and more resilient. It can also help you to spot fatal flaws and risks before you embark on a course of action. Black Hat thinking is one of the real benefits of this technique, as many successful people get so used to thinking positively that often they cannot see problems in advance, leaving them under-prepared for difficulties.

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There is truth in the black hat.  Many times plans need to be changed daily, routines get disrupted and estimates are way off the mark.  The beginning of Q1 this year was very chaotic and because of that I lost weight faster that expected then that slowed and I leveled off.  I weigh myself every day to make sure I am aware of it early if I get off track for whatever reason.

My average weight for last 6 weeks.

11- 205
12- 205.6
13- 208.2
14- 207.4
15- 205.0
16- 206.6  The average for the past week
I need to change something.  Last week I was traveling and at times I did well and others I did not.  There could have been a scale difference of a pound or so because I used 2 different scales, but that is only a pound or so.  That may have made the week 205 and that is still only maintaining for the past 6 weeks, with no loss.
Changes for this week:  this week I will write down what I eat during the day and make it a point to exercise for 15 min and about 100 calories.

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