Change and the Blue Hat

Use this week to think about life with the Blue Hat.  Think about events and tasks from the perspective of the blue hat.  Maybe even keep a blue hat on your desk or on a table in your home.

  • Blue Hat:
    The Blue Hat stands for process control. This is the hat worn by people chairing meetings. When running into difficulties because ideas are running dry, they may direct activity into Green Hat thinking. When contingency plans are needed, they will ask for Black Hat thinking, and so on.

I used the blue hat perspective to look at a health goal of mine.   To weigh 190 or less every week of my life after 2/1/2011.   I wrote a post on it:

Managing Me: Adventures in body shape Wk 39

A friend wrote an article on organization, classic blue hat thinking.  The idea is to use a database her clients already have in their Send Out Cards account.

How to organize your contact list within Send Out Cards

Organizing, process writing or improvements are blue hat activities.

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