Managing Me: Adventures in body shape Wk 39

This week I took a look at my weight loss goals.  And changed how I manage it.Week 39 I was wearing the blue hat (process control) for the week.  I decided I need to keep a tighter control on my eating and excising.  As I look back on my past success and failures it becomes apparent that life changes mess up my weight control plans that are working.   In the late 80’s I got down to 190 then switched jobs, moved 1000 miles and had our first baby.   All the successful processes were disrupted not to mention that body shape went to the bottom of the priority list.   About 1995 I dropped weight again and was close to 190 and failed to stay there.   I am succeeding again but am coming to life rapids again, so I need a way to keep this goal from dropping to the bottom of my priorities as we prepare to change jobs and move again.  Blogging about it is a way of doing that.

Here is a chart by weeks of my successes and failures over the past 2 years.  The goal is to have my weekly average weight be less than 190 every week after 2/1/2012 for the rest of my life.

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