Looking for some quotes from my network

I am looking for quotes from my network friends.  I could get some quotes from dead people, but why not use the wisdom of the live people in my network?   I will make sure to include your name with the quotes where I use them.

I am doing some articles on training, learning, distance learning and communication.  I am collecting quotes that I may use it these articles or others I will write in the future on these topics.

You can add your quotes to this blog post or email me at JimSutton@gotlearning.com

You can also add quotes to my previous post on quotes.

Quotes don’t have to be from dead people you don’t know

13 thoughts on “Looking for some quotes from my network

  1. Make a decision, regardless of what it is, to the best of your ability. You can always change your mind, but you must move forward toward your goal. Standing still, waiting, is an unproductive and unpleasant place to be.

  2. We are made up of 80% water. As we watch the power of the waves we see them rise and fall, rise and fall… We are meant to be like that, i.e. human beings, not “human doings!”
    This is why studies show that contemplative monks live the longest. They pause seven times a day to pray and regather their thoughts.
    This is why siestas make so much sense in Latin America countries, and that is why so many Americans are burning out with ulcers, drugs, alchohol and self-destruction.
    We must learn centering prayer and restore PEACE to our nation, and to ourselves. HABIT is my acronym for “Harmony and Balance in the Use of Time”…and it’s about time we did this.

  3. Thanks for all the quotes.

    I also got more in emails.

    As others pass through and copy the quotes, be sure to credit the authors.

  4. some of my favorite quotes are:

    The shortest distance between two strangers is a smile.

    Leadership is your ability to hide your panic from others.

    The greatest rewards come from things that scare you the most.

    Smile — it makes people wonder what you’re up to.

    Strangers are friends you haven’t met yet.

  5. Jim,

    Great job! Thanks for sharing with all of us. It has been my pleasure to meet you networking over the telephone!

    “Celebrating your successes, be patient with your self, and Create an excellent day!”

    Create an excellent day and week as you say!


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