Can You Feel the Pull of LinkedIn’s Polls?

No, polls are not the next killer application.

No, polls are not going to double your cash flow next week.

No, polls will not get you a call from your Senator.

Yes, polls are a tool in the marketing and informational toolbox.

How could you use a poll? Let me count the ways:

*I did an hour long presentation at a conference 11 June 2009 titled  “Making the Most of LinkedIn” which I subtitled “I am here, now what?”  I posted a poll the day before and told them during the presentation that they could find it on my profile.  The poll title: “ Which feature of LinkedIn do you use the most?”    URL:    (this url is right on the same page you create your poll so it is easy to find and share.)

*Add the comments about the poll or part of them to your blog or newsletter. In the comments section of this poll you can see 3 different ways to use LinkedIn sections. Take a look and see for yourself. And just as I am not going to type that out here… you can also save time and space by linking to the poll.

*You can include a poll as part of a presentation by starting it before.

*You can get feedback from a presentation by sending attendees to the poll after the presentation.

*You could have a weekly poll you include in your newsletter.

*Poll about customer service.

*Poll about a current event.

*Poll about which of 5 different products we like best.

*Poll asking for most trusted brand or least or most costly or least costly

*Poll on the most effective method of doing something.

*Use a poll to gage attitudes to a product or service or area or method.

*Time of day polls

*Who polls

*Choose the best quote polls.

*When polls

*Where polls

*Why polls

*How polls


LinkedIn’s polls are a way to

–get information,


–add useful information to presentations or newsletters,

–provide an informative link from your website of blog.


Want to use this tool?

Polls is one of the applications and you need to do a painless install. You find the polls application in the applications section located on the home page’s left navigation bar at the bottom.

 And visit this poll to share your answer:  Which LinkedIn application do you use most?   


This is the link to LinkedIn’s learning center. Lots of good information there, but nothing on polls that I saw.


Request for comments:

How do you use polls?

Got any you think we should visit?

Comments or questions are welcome.

 6/21/09 update   I posted a question in Linkedin’s Q&A asking about the use of polls.  Here is the link to see what others have to say:



5 thoughts on “Can You Feel the Pull of LinkedIn’s Polls?

  1. Great information Jim. I use polls to determine if my instincts about what my target audience is interested. I find that there is a huge difference between poll results on LinkedIn and each other social networking venue. Here’s one where I asked, Think back to when you lost a sale. Which best describes you?

    You ARE the LinkedIn go to person.

  2. One thing that I did not mention and I did not see on Linkedin’s info is that these Polls are not valid or reliable. They give you a snap-shot, a feel for the group, but you don’t know who took the poll. Self-selected poll are useful and fun, but we need to realize the limitations.

    Interesting that it is different from network to network and that is expected. What was the most striking difference?


  3. In my experience the most notable difference I’ve found is LinkedIn members more freely to answer polls than Twitter followers. Two most different groups.

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