Why Chess Should Be a Part of Every Child’s Education

Laura Sherman: guest blogger.

Imagine a world where people all have excellent problem solving skills, where they are patient and respectful of each other on a daily basis. A society where citizens live for the future and plan long term, thinking of where their children’s children will be, following through, seeing each goal to its conclusion with ease. Now add to that an indefinable quality of artistic imagination, dreaming for more than can be reasonably expected, reaching beyond the status quo. Continue reading

Burnout Solutions

Criss Ittermann: guest blogger.

Jim approached me as a business coach and brainstorming expert on behalf of a question emailed to him earlier the same day:
Q. I’ve been a recruiter for almost 20 years and the thrill is
gone. I was hoping you might have some ideas that might be able to
help rekindle the spark; also it doesn’t help that the recession is
squeezing the life out of most of us in the business. If you have
anything to recommend in the way of reading, etc would be much appreciated. –E. Continue reading